Chairman and vision

Mr Yang Ching Liang was born in a fishing Town in Pingtung, Taiwan.
His growing environment allowed him to connect aquaculture, fishing ports and seafood from an early age.

After enrolled army at age of 24, he began to farm fish at the age of 26. Gradually worked with trade partners for export market and established “Liang Shing Seafood at 45 years old.

With accurate market vision, continuous research and development in farming, processing and packaging technology and strict control of product quality makes the Liang Shing business stand out in the competition.

From employees and business partners, Mr Yang believe in trusting relationships for long-term cooperation. All process staffs are personally trained and cultivated, the technology and skill inheritance is not hidden. "Fresh product quality" has always been the belief of Mr Yang, and it is also the key factor for long term relationship with our customers.

Adhering to loyal and enthusiastic qualities of Taiwanese business owners “For my life, doing business is a mission, and everyone has his mission. We have to take responsibility for better society. All the way up to now and intend to continue doing so.” Yang Ching Liang

Liang Shing Frozen Seafoods Co.,LTD.

No.49, Yongxiang Rd., Fangliao Township, Pingtung County 940, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


International Trade
Cell: +886 0979493393

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International Trade